Jewelry Porcelain Brigantia Pendant (Oval)
Jewelry Porcelain Brigantia Pendant (Oval) Quantity in Basket: None
Code: TPPS11V
Price: $19.99

The Porcelain Brigantia Pendant is a piece of fine porcelain jewelry and this Celtic art design is an original illustration based on traditional Celtic themes. Briganita (St. Brigit or Bride) is the Celtic goddess of healing, fire, and inspiration. Often portrayed with serpents who possess the healing powers of the earth, she is closely associated with the curative energies of sacred wells and springs. As the muse of the creative arts, she provides light and inspiration to the bard, smith and other artisans. As well, her association with fire makes her the goddess of the family hearth, childbirth, and domestic accord.

Each piece is surprisingly lightweight and finished to a beautiful satin touch, and individually packaged in a velvet-like box with a card describing the symbolism of the design

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